Enhance Your Exterior With Vinyl Siding

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Your siding not only provides your home with protection from the outside elements, but also contributes greatly to your curb appeal. If your siding is hindering your home's appearance, reach out to Pro Exteriors. You can count on us to replace your damaged siding with beautiful, durable vinyl siding in no time.

Call 401-345-2274 today to speak with a siding contractor about vinyl siding services in Coventry, RI. Our siding comes in two finishes-woodgrain and smooth.

Why choose vinyl siding for your home?

In addition to coming in a variety of colors and two beautiful finishes, vinyl siding is beneficial for your home because:

  • It's low-maintenance-you'll need no more than an annual wash to keep your siding in peak condition.
  • It's affordable-vinyl siding can save you over $20,000 in painting costs over the course of 16 years.
  • It's durable-vinyl siding won't fade as easily as paint or other siding materials.
  • It's weather-resistant-vinyl siding can withstand winds of up to 110 mph.
Contact Pro Exteriors today to get started on your vinyl siding installation in Coventry, RI. Our experienced siding contractor will help you choose between a woodgrain or smooth finish.