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When it comes to roof repair service in Coventry, RI, Pro Exteriors is unparalleled. Residents throughout the area trust us to repair all types of roofs. They choose us because our roofing contractors are committed to providing quality, efficient service tailored to fit the needs of you and your home. If there’s a problem with your roof, Pro Exteriors in Coventry, RI can handle it.

If you’re in need of a roof repair, it’s better to take care of it sooner than later. Otherwise, you can end up with a more expensive problem down the road. Let the roofing contractors at Pro Exteriors assess the condition of your roof and provide you with an estimate. We can tell you whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, and we can fix the problem quickly and correctly.

To learn more about the services we offer, contact our roofing contractors in Coventry, RI at 401-345-2274 today.

Common Signs of Roof Damage

Even a small leak can cause huge issues for your roof. If you think you’re in need of a roof repair, contact Pro Exteriors today. Our Coventry, Rhode Island roofing contractors will fix the problem to keep your home in good shape. You should call us if:

-You notice leaking in your roof or water spots on your ceiling
-Your roof was damaged by high winds or a recent storm
-You see curling or broken shingles falling off of your roof

Don’t let a small issue become a headache. Call Pro Exteriors at 401-345-2274 to discuss your home with a local roofing contractor today.