Hiring a Contractor


Choosing the right contractor for your siding and roofing is the most important decision you will make in your project, and the most important step of the process. An article from Consumer Reports provides further explanation, and at Pro Exteriors in Rhode Island, we couldn't agree more.

Shop around.

If you stick with the very first contractor bid you hear, you could be missing out on a better deal. One of the ways to garner an idea of the market price-and what prices seem fishy-is to get estimates from three different contractors. This way, you'll be able to compare bids (as well as potentially bargain) and choose the option that gives you the most bang for your buck. In the same Consumer Reports article, they mentioned a survey that demonstrated the majority of people who chose the lowest priced bid often found lower quality work. It's good to keep in mind that what might seem the most cost-efficient isn't always the most long-term efficient.

At Pro Exteriors, we completely understand the need for you to shop around when finding a roofing and siding business. We offer competitive prices with the highest quality results, and know that we can provide the vinyl siding and roofing options you deserve. That being said, we respect your right to look around.

Understand your estimate

It's well within your right to request an estimate from a roofing and siding contractor. When you receive an estimate, it should "list product, material, and labor costs and a timetable," according to the Consumer Reports article. You should also be able to find material and product allowances that show not only the prices, but the amount as well.

Ask for references as you see fit.

Oftentimes, we rely on contractors for vinyl siding, roofing, or other projects as they come recommended to us through family, friends, or coworkers. Ideally, you work with a contractor you've already worked with in the past, and have loved the end result. But for people new to the area, or anyone who is experiencing the need for a contractor for the first time, you have to start from the beginning.

When you pick a roofing and siding contractor, you can ask for references as you see fit. Granted, you don't need to treat this as a super formal job interview, but you can inquire to see who they've worked with in the past, and how these past clients have felt about the job. This will familiarize you with the contractor you're looking into, and give you an idea of what to expect.

Look for proper licensing and insurance.

Make sure the contractor is licensed to do business in your state and that he has proper general liability. Check with your local government for permit requirements and confirm with the contractor who is responsible for paying for permits. Also, visit the Contractor's License Reference Site to learn about licensing requirements in your state and to find out if a contractor is licensed.

Search the Better Business Bureau.

If the contractor you're looking into has complaints filed against them, this can be found when you check with the Better Business Bureau.

Get a written contract.

This essentially outlines everything talked about in the estimate, and is also a good source to refer back to as needed. Future home buyers who are interested in your home might appreciate that you can have written documentation to the work that's taken place, and in general, paperwork is just good to have on hand.

Try to stay with the plan, but be flexible.

Your contractors very well might come across an issue that requires more time and resources than previously thought. Usually, a project is pretty straightforward, and at Pro Exteriors, we've pretty much seen it all, meaning we can consistently gauge a project before even beginning. However, things happen, and situations arise. When this is the case, you can trust our team to be transparent with you-especially from the beginning, but certainly as any potential problems come up.

The choice is always yours. You can try to stick with the original plan in attempts to save money, but something might come up down the road and end up costing you even more. Hear out opinions, and remember that flexibility might be your best friend, both now, and down the road.

When you need a roofing and siding team you can trust, our contractors at Pro Exteriors are here to help. Give us a call to get the best in vinyl siding and roofing.